There's no escape from the HyperCage

Craig Lea Gordon - Transmit

Dave is a virtual reality gaming addict, willing to risk everything to keep the thrill alive. But how far is he ready to go?

His addiction has taken his family to breaking point. And now he must choose. Can he give up the one thing that allows him to escape the mundane, to belong, to become something greater?

When he meets the gaming girl of his dreams, she offers him the chance of a lifetime. But will he get what he always wanted, or end up paying the ultimate price?

If you like intense and gripping stories, with a reality-bending plot, then you’ll love HyperCage.

"Wow!. Fast-paced techno-thriller that doesn't slow down."

"This is one of those books that literally grabs holds of you and doesn't let go till the very end, and when you're done all you want is more!"

"Craig Lea Gordon demonstrates incredible imagination. His writing will suck you into his world and keep you there."